About us

Hi there! I'm so glad you're interested in learning more about TheWittly Publishing.
TheWittly Publishing is a small independent publishing company based in South of France that offers high-quality, contemporary, unique, designer illustrated products with an emphasis on creativity exploration and self-care.

We are inspired by the magic of books and where they can take you.
So as designers and creators, we have made it our mission to help others achieve inspiration through our books and enhance the creativity too!

You will also notice that our other pillar is self-care. We believe that taking care of ourselves - both physically and mentally - is crucial to live a happier and well balanced life. Therefore you will find many self-care themed books that are aimed to uplift, achieve those goals and make a positive impact.

Our current listings include illustrated planners, notebooks, workbooks and coloring books suitable both for adults and children. Proudly created with high-quality, modern designs that will not only aesthetically please your eyes, but will also be practical and useful in your daily life.

Thank you for choosing to learn more about TheWittly Publishing and supporting our mission. Without you, there would be no us.